Difference between Polypropylene (PP) fittings

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The three types of fittings in our PP range:

Our polypropylene fitting range right here in the UK: 

  • PP Camlock Fittings
  • PP Hose Fittings
  • PP Black Threaded Fittings
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What is a Polypropylene Camlock Fitting?

A cam and groove coupling, also called a camlock fitting, is made from PP (Polypropylene) and is an injection moulded coupling offering a leak proof connection with no tools required for connection, making them hugely popular.

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The different types of camlock fittings

  • Type A – male adaptor with female NPT thread
  • Type B – female cam coupler with Male NPT thread
  • Type C – female cam coupling with hose barb end
  • Type D – female cam coupler with FNPT Thread
  • Type E – cam adaptor with hose barb end
  • Type F – camlock adaptor with male NPT Thread
  • Type DC – Dust caps for male adaptors
  • Type DP – Dust Plugs for female couplers

How does a camlock fitting work?

Camlock fittings are used to connect two pieces of pipe together. As there are no threads when connecting the coupling halves together, they are ideal for easy disassembly in unclean environments. 

A camlock consists of a Male groove adapter and a Female coupler. When connecting the two, the Female coupler (having two metal handles), is correctly and tightly connected to the Male adaptor. The metal handles can then be closed to create a leak proof connection. To open the fitting, simply extend the metal handles outward.

When or where are camlock fittings used?

As camlock fittings consist of a large range, they are typically found in any industry transporting liquids, powders, water, chemicals, fuel and oil, paints, dyes or adhesives within either the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cleaning, agriculture and many others.

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What is a Polypropylene Hose Tail Fitting?

Made from PP (Polypropylene), hose tail fittings have a tapered screw on one end and a push-on hose connector on the opposite.

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The different types of hose tail fittings

  • 90 Elbow Fittings – male adaptor or female adaptor
  • Straight Couplings – male adaptor or female adaptor

How does a hose tail fitting work?

Hose Tail fittings are typically used to connect a piece of hose to a ball valve or tee however they can connect a hose to a multitude of fittings, valves etc.

A hose tail consists of a barded end which will be the "gripper" or push-on end connecting to the hose. Then fitting also has a BSP Male or BSP Female threaded end to be connected as required.

When or where are hose tail fittings used?

Hose tail fittings are typically used in any industry that utilises a low pressure system, generally transporting low temperature liquid water.

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What is a Polypropylene Black Threaded Fitting?

Made from PP (Polypropylene), back threaded fittings have an internal BSP thread and a max working temperature of 80°C and operating pressure of 10 bar at 20°C.

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The different types of black threaded fittings

  • Sockets
  • Elbows
  • Tee
  • Cap
  • Plug
  • Nipple
  • Reducing Bush
  • Reducing Socket
  • Reducing Nipple
  • Reducer

How does a black threaded fitting work?

Black Threaded fittings are typically used to connect pipes together.

When or where are black threaded fittings used?

Black threaded fittings span a large range, they are typically used for the transportation of liquid and gas within a variety of industrial and commercial industries.

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