How to cut plastic pipe

Plastic pipe can be cut using several tools however, these tools can be dangerous and can leave the edges of pipe un-smooth and rough.

Plastic Pipe Cutting Tools include:

  • Ratchet cutter
  • Mitre saw
  • PVC scissor pipe cutter
  • PVC ratcheting pipe cutter
  • Cable Saw (recommended)

The safest way to cut pipe is by using a cable saw, which is made of fine wire and allows cutting quickly and without the use of potentially dangerous machinery.

Plastic Pipe Cutting steps:

  1. Secure the pipe in a Vice or Pipe clamp.
  2. Mark the pipe clearly where you require cutting.
  3. Place the cable saw on the pipe, moving it forward and backward in a sawing motion, the cable will curl and cut through the pipe.
  4. Once cut, use a deburring tool to neaten the edges of the pipe. This allows for the best connection when solvent welded.

How to use a Deburring tool:

  1. Secure the pipe in a Vice or Pipe clamp.
  2. Place the deburring blade tightly against the end of the pipe.
  3. Move the deburring tool along the pipe in a rotating movement until the edges are neat.

Do you have to wear a mask when cutting plastic pipe?

Although it’s not regarded as a necessity to a face mask while cutting plastic pipe; eeziflo always advises some form of protection both your eyes and to protect your lungs and throat from any harmful airborne particles.

Any further questions?

Should you have any further pipe cutting questions; let us know!

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