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Save £1.29
PVC 90 Degree Elbow Plain
PVC 90 Degree Elbow
From £0.41 £1.70
Save £44.51
PVC Double Union Metric Industrial Ball Valve
Save £4.83
PVC Union Plain
PVC Union
From £1.52 £6.35
Save £2.63
PVC Pipe Class C | plastic pipe
PVC Pipe Class C (3m length)
From £9.58 £12.21
Save £1.33
PVC Stub Flange  | Plastic Pipe Flanges
PVC Stub Flange
From £0.47 £1.80
Save £10.21
PVC Single Union Metric Standard Ball Valve | Plastic Pipe Valves
Save £1.12
PVC Socket Plain
PVC Socket
From £0.36 £1.48
Save £0.46
PVC Pipe PN16 | plastic pipe
PVC Pipe PN16 (3m length)
From £1.18 £1.64
Save £1.92
PVC Reducing Tee
PVC Reducing Tee
From £0.61 £2.53
Save £3.91
PVC Tank Connector
PVC Tank Connector
From £2.21 £6.12
Plastic Pipe

Plastic Pipe

We offer many plastic pipe sizes in either metric and imperial variants. Buy Class C, D, E, 7 or PN6, PN10 or PN16 from our online plastic pipe shop today!

Plastic Pipe Fittings

Plastic Pipe Fittings

Our plastic pipe fittings catalogue encompasses over 20 products. From plastic pipe joints to reducers, connectors and inserts we're positive we'll have what you need in stock.

Plastic Pipe Valve

Plastic Pipe Valves

Whether you're after a ball valve with single or double union, or a non return valve with a spring or without one; our stock of valves are available in various configurations.

Plastic Pipe Flanges

Plastic Pipe Flanges

Often, many of our clients are looking to connect a plastic pipe with a flange. We stock full face flanges and blank flanges in NP10 and ASA-150 options.

eeziflo supplies quality plastic pipe and fittings to customers across mainland UK. We consistently maintain competitive pricing on all of our stock, located in the UK, which is swiftly despatched via courier once your online order is received.

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